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City Cycle is a studio where you can come as you are and improve your mind, body, and soul. A place where as the lights go down and the music is turned up, everyone can be the best versions of themselves and have a little fun along the way.

We can’t imagine a better city for our first location. There is no denying the incredible transformation Seattle has experienced and continues to experience. City Cycle is proud and excited to be a part of this incredibly cultured and active community. We are happy to bring our unique cycling experience to YOU.


Music is the driving force behind every workout and the livelihood of City Cycle. The mesmerizing beats are a powerful tool that inspire us, motivate us, and allow us to let loose. Get ready to explode with energy to the beat of heart-pounding playlists created by our motivational instructors, making an unforgettable experience.


Better Trainers: City Cycle’s Trainers are real athletes with a passion for cycling, music, and people.

Quality Equipment: The Carbon Blue Technology provides the feel of an authentic outdoor ride.

Exceptional Results: Burn up to 400-600 calories per class and transform your body.

Pure Intentions: We love what we do and we want you to love it too.




This 45-minute ride is our signature high-energy, low impact full body workout.   We ride to the beat of the music to fully immerse you in the group fitness experience. You can take it at your own pace or if you want to go all out, we encourage you to sit in the front row! You can expect to leave feeling inspired, challenged and connected.  The lights are bright, the music is loud and the energy is infectious. This ride includes one upper body song with weights.

Sometimes, 45 minutes just isn't enough! You can expect the same energy from our cycle 45, just with an extra 15 minutes. Get ready to test your endurance! This ride includes two upper body songs with weights.

If you really want to turn it up... you've come to the right place! In this ride you can expect longer sprints, heavier hills and lots of choreography - nothing is off limits. We don't recommend this class for first time riders, but we do recommend it to anyone who wants to level up. This ride does not have an upper body portion, just cycling!

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