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Riding a stationary bike inside cycle studio.

Camille R

If you've ever met a Taylor Swift super-fan, we guarantee Camille would beat them in Taylor trivia any day, anytime. When we asked her to describe her vibe on the bike, Camille says "Taylor Swift on tour meets the Cha Cha slide guy," I mean what more proof do you need? On the bike Camille has fun and positive energy- she's sure to give you a great workout on the bike and might even unleash some of her comedy (if you're lucky)!

Camille comes to Seattle from Houston, TX. She is a Senior Financial Analyst at Amazon (ahem, baddy), mom to two dogs Boston & Champ and gets excited by really good tacos and sugar - of any form (chocolate, cake, ice cream). When she is not at the studio you'll likely find her lifting heavy things in a workout class, hiking, traveling or snowboarding. Her new years resolution? Take more photos with dogs.

Camille's Schedule